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06 September 2012 @ 07:56 pm
School is back in and I am busier than ever! We are doing new math and phonics programs.....both of which required a ton of upfront copying/printing. Every teacher workday before schook started I went in earky and stayed late. Even worked 2 Saturdays.It has been insane and awful, but we're getting there. Fortunately I have a student teacher and she's been a huge help!

The week before school started Lucas quit his job. He had been really miserable there for a really long time and it finally was just enough.

That being said, we can't afford to pay our rent on my teaching salary so we are remodeling my parent's basement currently and moving in there the end of the month. It is 200 sq ft so we've been trying to dow size and imorovise. We'll be sharing the shower and the kitchen, but will have our own toilet and sink dow stairs. I am very anxious abiut it, but we really have no option until Lucas's business takes offor he finds a job. 

Me, Lucas, Holly & Sam in 200 sq ft. Pray for us!

Also pray I get my national boards so I get a raise!!
Maybe you just have to say what's in your heart..
20 April 2012 @ 10:13 am

Last week was our spring break. It was nice to have a break , but it was not nearly long enough. I am ready for summer break! I was not ready to come back to school on Monday.

I didn't do anything really fabulous over break like go on a vacation or anything, but I did have a lot of fun and it was very restful! I am hoping that next year we will be able to go on a vacation during spring break since my car will be paid off, freeing up a lot of extra income for us.

So, here's a recap...

Friday Lucas was off work, which was a treat since we seem to never be off on the same days. We ran some errrands around town and then we had mom,Brady, and Grace over for sliders on the grill. They were YUMMY and we had a fun time sitting outside. Lucas built a fire in our fire pit and it was a great night! After it got too cool to sit outside any more, we went inside and stuffed like 400 Easter Eggs for our church Easter Egg Hunt.

Saturday we took the girldogs out for a walk near the museum. There is a little trail there that is just a couple miles. It was a fun fun day and they loved being out. They love to go for walks, especially to new places!! I usually walk the girls by myself, so it was really nice to have Lucas there to walk Holly and to have a little company!

Sunday we had Easter Sunrise service at church followed by breakfast followed by regular service. It about wears me out to be there at 7:00 AM! After church, mom had the whole family over for lunch. It was a nice day out so we mostly sat on the porch and "visited". Later in the afternoon, Lucas and I went to the hospital to meet my friend Adrian's little girl, Willow, who had been born on Saturday. She was a cutie-pie! She's so teeny and beautiful! I just love brand new babies!

Monday I had planned to go to Charlotte to see my friend Kelly. We ended up having lunch together and visiting just a little. We chatted over chips and salsa at Chili's for about two hours. Her little girl, Sarah, came with us and she was just adorable! She is like a little grown up and was so talkative!

Tuesday I went down to SC to visit with Candice and meet her new puppy Harriet! We hung out at her house for a little bit and played with Harriet and then we went over to Malea's house to meet her little girl, Addi! She is 12 weeks old and just as cute as a button! Malea loves to entertain so when we called her and asked if we could come visit, she offered to fix lunch for us. She made delicious jalepeno pimento cheese appetizers and then a very very yummy chicken pot pie for us! It was all very good and very sweet of her to make it for us! We visited a little and then Candice and I went to Old Navy to return some things and shop a little. I got a really cute purple tank top and I am excited to wear it this summer. I haven't worn a tank top in probably 6 years because I have fat arms... but thanks to Kettlebell they are improving! After shopping we went back to her house and played with Harriet some more- she's a ball full of energy!

Wednesday mom and I took Holly, Sam, and Grace downtown for a walk. It was about 4 miles and it was really fun! It really helps when Mom and Grace want to walk to. It gives me motivation and it is a lot harder to skip out when other people are counting on you! I also enjoy the company- walking alone is so boring. Later in the afternoon my friend Stacey brought her new dog Sadie over and we took her and Sam for a walk at Lakewood Park. The weather was really nice and I enjoyed walking with friends.She and her brother Alan hung out with us for a bit on the deck and then headed home.

Thursday mom and I took the girls to Anderson park to walk. It has these two mile trails and it is a nice place to walk...minus the squirrels! Holly goes CRAZY around them. She actually has bruises on her neck from her collar because she pulled so hard to try to get them. I feel like a bad mommy, but it is really her own fault! I like the trails there and it is a really nice, clean place to walk. Thursday evening we went down to my Aunt Sally's house at the lake and had a visit with them.

Friday was my last day :( I was very sad for break to be over. I got ready and mailed my national board box (thank goodness! Now I can be done with it until November!) and then mom and I took the girls for a walk. It was so nice to have so much free time to walk as much as I wanted every day! Friday evening Lucas wanted pizza so we went to the 1849 Pizza and Wing Co and had a delicious pizza outside!

Saturday Lucas had to work so I went to some yardsales with mom in the morning .I got Scene It  (the boardgame) for 1$ We played it a few weeks ago with our friends and we enjoyed it so I got it. Game night anyone? Then I went down to Charlotte for Sarah's 5th birthday party! It was Strawberry Shortcake themed and Kelly had really put a lot of thought into it. She had different stations with different activities for the kids. They had a ball! I enjoyed getting to see everyone.

Sunday I was really sukly because I REALLY didn't want to go back to work. I sat on the deck most of the day reading Sookie Stackhouse. I got sunburned I was out there so long. I wanted to savor every last minute! I read a lot over the break- I think I finished 3 Sookie Stackhouse books! I really am enjoying them. Since I have been back at work I have only read a few pages. I wish I had more free time to do that beacuse I really enjoy it. It relaxes me!

All in all a great break. I got to spend time with many many wonderful people!

Now it is back to the real world for a few weeks then SUMMER!!!

Maybe you just have to say what's in your heart..
04 April 2012 @ 12:07 pm
This weekend Lucas and I took a little field trip up to Cullowhee! Since we aren't going on a vacation this year, we just needed to get away for the day.

We went up for the baseball game and we lucked out! The game the night before was rained out so there was a double header! Tickets were 7$ a piece and we got to stay for 2 games. You can't beat that! We loved the game... the first one was awesome at the Cats stomped Davidson... the second one, they lost to Davidson.  We still enjoyed it. It is America's past time afterall..

When we first got there, we ran into an old boss, Walter! He recognized me immediately and then Lucas and then we caught up about what we're all doing now etc.. He hadn't changed a bit! I wish we were still RA's so badly sometimes. Life was so easy then! Housing, food, everything was provided for you and you didn't have to do a thing for yourself! I would go back in a second!

It was neat to see how the campus has changed since we've been there. I was there while I was at NCCAT a few weeks ago, but I didn't go to the main part of campus, just the outskirts. I can't believe how much things have change! The area that used to have a road running through it is now a quad of sorts in between Dodson, Coulter, and the new residence halls. It is all bricked up and has places to sit and hang out. It looks very much like a bigger school would look. I missed the grass though :( Barely any grass now.. mostly bricks.
Lucas was up at WCU last week for something and he said the food choices have changed too! They have Starbucks now Janine! I wish they'd had that when we were there :)

We're going back up in May with some friends for the ASU baseball game. I am ready to go RIGHT NOW!
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29 March 2012 @ 12:58 pm
I have been so busy recently, I feel like the days, weeks, months are just going by in a whirlwind! I can't believe that it will be April on Sunday! Insane!

Last weekend was busy, but relaxing. On Friday we just had a quiet night at home. I am always too tired on Fridays to really do anything. Watching TV is about all I can handle!

Friday I went and saw Hunger Games with some friends from work. We were supposed to go Thursday at midnight, but everyone bailed! It was probably better on Friday because Lucas went out of town to Cullowhee Thursday night and I was in bed by like 10 anyway! I might not have made it through and that would have been depressing! I loved the movie. I laughed, I cried. I am so ready for the next one that I can't stand it! I liked that it followed the book pretty closely. I know books and movies are always going to be different, but I hate when they completely change it. I nkow they left some things out, but they weren't huge so I was happy!

Saturday some of the ladies at work had planned an outing for a coworker of ours who has cancer. She is stage 4 and hospice is now coming to her house to help her manage her pain. She is no longer taking chemo or anything because the doctors have told her there is nothing really they can do. It is horribly depressing. She is one of the most interesting, loving, caring, all around awesome people that I have ever met and it seems so unfair. :(

SO ANYWAY. They planned a get together at a small vineyard in Troutman called De'Vaste. Who knew Troutman had a vineyard!? We all brought finger foods and got a little wine and just sat around and visited all afternoon. It was a really nice day out with friends from work and Claire really appreciated the time. She was having a good day so she was able to hang out for quite a while. It is hard to see her have good days and bad days because on the bad days you realize how little time she has left and on the good days you want to hold out hope that they will find a new medicine or something that will help her.

After I got home, Lucas and I tag teamed the house and got it fairly straight and then spent the evening making nachos and watching movies. It sounds boring, but I love evenings like that. It was very relaxing!

Sundays are always really busy and this one was no exception. Mom needed me to do children's sermon so I did that and then we had church and lunch. By the time we got home it was 2 and we had SNL at 5. I worked on my lesson and then napped a bit. My favorite part of Sunday was a Jonny Diaz concert at The Cove. He is one of my very favorite Christian artists and I love when he comes around here so I get to hear him live. He did not dissapoint! If you've never heard his music, you should check him out!

I can't believe another week is almsot over. Where does the time go? My Portfolio for National Boards is due in like 15 days and I am still not finished. I guess it will get done.
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19 March 2012 @ 10:22 am

I know it has been a while since an update.... I feel like I am so busy all the time!

The weather has been so beautiful for the past few weeks! It feels like summer already! I have loved it! I am not a fan of cold weather unless it is going to snow, so as we have had no snow, I am so done with winter! Although Lucas got me a really cute toboggan that is perfect for the playground on clearance last weekend and I would have liked to get to wear it at least once before packing it up! At least it will be something like new for next year!

Since the weather was so nice, Lucas and I grilled out delicious steaks last Friday. We had gotten them a week earlier at this new place called "Market and Exchange". It is kind of like a co-op for local farmers. The steaks are from Statesville and are grass fed, which was really cool. They were a little bit pricey, but they were about a million times better than cheap steaks we usually buy. It was a beautiful evening and we built a little fire in our fire pit and sat outside and enjoyed the evening. It was really, really nice!

Saturday we worked around the house and I worked on my national boards most of the morning. Story of my life right? In the evening, we went down to Northlake to meet up with Candice and Reid. It was so nice to see them! We haven't seen them since Malea's baby shower so it was well overdue! We had a fun dinner at PF Changs. I have always wanted to eat there and I was not disappointed. It was yummy! We also ran a couple errands at stores in "the big city" that we don't usually do like REI and Best Buy. Stupid Statesville.

Sunday I was heading to Cullowhee for an NCCAT seminar about integrating reading and math. I was actually sad to leave because Lucas and I had had such a fun weekend together. We don't often spend a ton of time together, so it was nice. While I was gone Lucas spent a lot of time planting our garden. We had gone to get plants a couple weeks ago and it was finally warm enough to plant them. In a few weeks we'll hopefully have lettuce, strawberries, and brocolli fresh from the garden. (If the bunnies stay away- they ate one of my strawberry plants already!).

I had a fantastic week at NCCAT. I love Cullowhee and really enjoyed getting to visit up there. It just feels like home up there. I managed to get there a little early and go walk on Western's walking trail because it was in the 70's. It is just so beautiful there. I really miss it!  The group of girls I was with was really fun. The first night a group of girls was going to Harrahs and I was so in on that! I have wanted to go for years! I got 20$ out of the atm and that was my limit! I ended up winning 42$ and coming home with more than I started with! I was really excited! One night our assignment was to watch the movie BIG as a group. We hunkered down in an auditorium with comfy seats and pillows and watched the movie and then the next day we discussed how you can find math in real life. I have never seen that movie and I really liked it! It was really cute!!! We did lots of different activities, but my favorite was a hike to Waterrock Knob. We looked for things that came in sets and then made word story poems about them. It was a great day for a hike and it was so beautiful up there! I think I need to be a mountain girl for real. I just love it up there. It was great to get some practical ideas for my class. I can't wait to use them! Wednesday night a group of us went to "No Name Pub" (formerly Bella Roma's) and did kareoke! It was so fun. There was a big group of kids from WCU and everyone was having a great time!

I came home Thursday and Lucas was out of work sick so he, mom, and I went to lunch at Charanda and then I went home and unpacked and stuff. Friday I was back at work and it was super stresseful. Coming back from a sub is never my favorite day. I hate being off of work. I am still paying for it because I have tons of papers to grade and stuff to plan.

Friday night I picked up Rueben's for Grouchos and Lucas built a fire and we hung out on the deck. It was so nice just to relax! Saturday I worked on my National Boards and then Lucas decided we needed margaritas,  chips and salsa at Chillis. It was a nice treat! We never do stuff like that! We both went and exercised and a litle bit later, we went out for our friend Alan's birthday with a big group of friends. We went to Red Lobster for dinner, which was yummy and then to Stacey's house for the after party. We hung out with everyone until about 11 and then headed home.

Sunday it was so nice that I walked Sam to church for SNL. I love being able to be outside!

Two perfect weekends in a row. I am so ready for summer!!! Or at least Spring break!

Maybe you just have to say what's in your heart..
27 February 2012 @ 03:07 pm
I still exist. I just never get on the computer at home unless I am working on my National Boards. By the time I get home from work and then afterschool I just don't feel like being on the computer.

I have one entry for National Boards almost ready for editing. One to go. Pray I pass.
Maybe you just have to say what's in your heart..
01 January 2012 @ 02:36 pm
Instead of resolutions this year, I'm setting a few goals for myself over the next year. I hope to be able to reach them!

1. Be better with money. Shop less, buy less, spend less. I have spent a large part of my vacation going through my closet and sent two huge bags of stuff to my mom's for her to go through and then to send to goodwill. I should NOT have this much extra stuff that I can just dump two huge bags. I am going to try to buy a lot less unless it is something I need.

2. No credit cards, no matter what. We have a ton of debt and I have been spending the last year trying to pay it off. I have a goal in mind to pay off two big cards by summer so we can save up our closing costs and buy a house before our lease is up in December. We've been trying to get out of debt for a year and keep having things come up like needing new tires or owing taxes. It has been very frustrating, but I am sticking to this no matter what. I am not charging anything new and am putting every extra penny towards this.

3. Get in better shape. I'm not vowing to lose 20 lbs or workout every day because I know those things may or may not happen, but I do want to exercise more. I have been doing my kettlebell workouts every other day since I got it for Christmas and I really like it so I am hoping to keep doing this. I just want to be healthier in general. I should probably try to eat better too. We usually do pretty well, but fast food is so easy sometimes!

4. Better friendships. I have a few close friends and I want to make sure that I am making the effort to do things with them and stay in touch etc... I spend a lot of time worrying about the friends I don't have and I want to stop worrying about people who don't really seem to care and spending it on the people who do because they are totally worth it.

Cheers to a good 2012!
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01 January 2012 @ 02:25 pm
I can't believe that my two week vacation is already over and that Christmas has come and gone and today is the day to take down our Christmas tree. It has gone WAY too fast!

Thursday I coerced my parents into coming to my new classroom to hang a shelf so I could put little cute books with stuffed animals up as a decoration. We have super tall walls and I thought it would break up the space a little. It did and it looks adorable! I ended up staying about 2 hours to finish up getting ready for the kids tomorrow and finishing up a few last minute things in the room. I blame my new classroom for making my break feel so short. I usually NEVER go to school on a break and I spent quite a lot of time there this break. It looks really cute though and I think the kids will like it and we have lots of space for centers and play so I'm pleased with it. I just hope we don't move again for a while! One super positive thing is that my old classroom had really bad internet connectivity and this one has great connectivity so we'll be able to watch and do things online much easier. Score!

Friday morning I got a text from my mom that she, dad, and Grace were taking a road trip to Johnson City, Tennessee to check out where my dad has an interview next week. He'd still be away from home, but Johnson City is a few hours closer and is not as hectic as Atlanta so he'd really like to get it. We left around 9 AM and drove the back roads to Tennesee. It was so pretty on the way up there! Lots of Christmas tree farms and even some snow that has stuck around from some apparent cold weather. We haven't really had any, so I don't know when this was! We passed a lot of realy beautiful farm land and a lake with trees in the middle that looked like something out of a painting or something it was so beautiful! We chatted and listened to music and just had a fun ride there. Then we stopped after finding the building where the interview was and had some Five Guys for lunch. We have now introduced my parents to Five Guys and they loved it! I know they won't eat there because of the price, but maybe they'll go there sometime just the two of them or something. We headed back a different way and stopped by Mars Hill College to look at the campus on the way home. Brady has been accepted there and offered a little bit of scholarship money, but she doesn't really want to go there. She has her heart set on Winthrop, but my parents are trying to get her to at least look at other places because she may not get enough scholarships/loans/whatever to go there since it is out of state. The campus was adorable! We came back and told her about it, but she didn't seem interested. Oh well.

After we got home everyone came over to our house for Taco night and Scrabble. We hadn't gotten to spend a ton of time with Dad and he told us he wnated to spend some time with us when we bailed on going ot my Aunt's for dinner last week so I thought this would be a much better alternative. We had a ball playing scrabble. I love that game! Dad won, of course, but it was still fun. We know if we play with him we don't stand a chance!

Last night for New Year's Eve some friends had invited us over to play board games and hang out. We played Battle of the Sexes and the girls lost because apparently all three of the boys know a ton about girl stuff and we know NOTHING about boy stuff! Then we played Sour Apples to Apples and pictionary until the ball dropped. At Midnight a bunch of the neighbors were shooting off fireworks, which was fun. I, however, was exhausted! I usually don't stay up that late! It was fun, but I would have been happy staying home and going to bed early. I'm an old foagie I guess!

I am not looking forward to taking the tree down. It makes me so happy because it smells so good and is so pretty. I know the living room is going to look so sad now. :(
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29 December 2011 @ 09:31 am
I have been busy, busy, busy!

Thanksgiving this year was very different because this mean witch at my dad's office refused to let him have one day off for Thanksgiving because she needed both Wednesday and Friday. Did I mention he's the boss? Wish I could tell my boss what to do!
My family decided to do Thanksgiving on Saturday. Flaw in the plan? Lucas had to work Saturday. So we decided to have my immediate family over for Thanksgiving at our house on Thanksgiving.I went with Mom, Brady, Grace, and Leslie to the Thanksgiving breakfast at our church, which I love. Country Ham, biscuits, eggs, grits...YUM. When I got home I watched the parade and we didn't have to rush or anything. It turned out to be a really good day. 

Lucas did all of the cooking and it was DELICIOUS! Our house was really too small and we had to borrow a table and chairs from the church, but it was still really fun. I like having people over and I LOVED everything Lucas cooked. I don't really love Thnskgiving food so this is really saing something! He made me special baked apples like they have at Cracker Barrel as a surprise. I had no idea what he was cooking until he started!

We finally decorated for Christmas the first weekend in December. We were super busy and couldn't make time to do it any other time. We went to zootastic park and saw the cool light show they put on, got to see some of the animals, and got our tree for 20$! That is a record for the best price ever! It is close to 7 ft tall and beautiful!
I love what our house looks like at Christmas. I hate that it is only decorated for such a short time. We are undecorating Sunday and we probably only even turned on the lights a handful of times because we're so busy and never home. It always looks so empty when we take the tree out :(

Christmas was great this year. I spent the first weekend of my break moving into my new classroom in our new building. It has been a challenge because I lost most of my storage space, but with the exception of hanging a shelf and cleaning up a few things it is ready for the kids on Monday. They are going to love it!

The first part of the break was spent working on that and just hanging out with Lucas. He caught strep throat (I assume from the kids at school since he helped us move) and was home most of the week. I also spent lots of time getting ready for Christmas! On Wednesday Grace came over and wrapped a present she made for mom and helped me wrap all of my presents while watching Home Alone. We had fun and she helped me pick out some stocking stuffers for Lucas.  On Friday mom and I went to run a few errands and had breakfast together and then we decided to spend the afternoon cooking Christmas goodies. Brady, Mom, and I spent the afternoon making cheese straws, sausage balls, cheeseballs, trash, and reindeer food. It was a really fun time together and I really enjoyed this part of Christmas. We always have special goodeis ONLY on Christmas! This was a nice time for us to just be together and enjoy each other's company.

Saturday, Christmas Eve, Lucas and I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. It was cram packed, but delicious. We rarely get to do stuff like that so I really enjoyed it. Afterwards, I took the dogs for a 3 mile walk and then crashed on the couch with them and watched Home Alone 2. It really isn't Christmas around here until I watch both Home Alone movies! Lucas joined us about halfway through and we just relaxed for most of the afternoon. Around 3 we were heading to my parent's house to open gifts before church when his mom and her new husband pulled into our driveway! We were in the car heading out right as they came in. It was extremely awkward since he hasn't seen or spoken to her in almost 2 years. She brought us 200$ for Christmas and was leaving when I told him we had to invite her to my parents. So she and her husband came over for a few. It was incredibly weird, but hopefully it helped soothe the situation a little...

After they left, we opened presents. Grace was super excited to get a cell phone! I got lots of great gifts. Much more than I needed or expected! Leslie got a Spode Christmas tree appetizer plate that I had found one day when we were out shopping for me. Mom and Dad got me this dish/set from QVC called temptations. It has a big round dish and several little dishes you can set in it. It is going to be great for Tacos! It is pink with yellow flowers and really cute. I had to clean out a space for it in my cabinet, but I can't wait to use it! I got a willow tree  figure called "surrounded by love" from my nanny. I had lots of other little gifts like Christmas Pj's (mom gets them every year!), an owl ornament I picked out at a store downtown. It was made by a lady I work with, which is pretty cool!. I also got a squirrel ornament, whitman's sampler, a 365 day devotion book, and a hand made necklace that mom found at Mast General store last time she was in the mountains. It was all very thoughtful and I appreciated every bit of it!

Lucas and I kept the nursery at our Christmas eve service and we had quite a crew! 3 little boys 5 and under and one precious 1 year old girl! We played and had fun and then came home for our special Christmas tradition! Polar Express and junk food! My parents were going to my brother's church at 10:30 and the girls didn't want to go so they came over here for our little get together. We watched Polar Express in our jammies, ate buffalo wings, loaded potatos, cheese sticks, and mini pigs in a blanket and had a fun time together.

Christmas morning was a little hectic this year because since it was Sunday I had to get to church to play handbells. We got up and I got ready for church and then we had our usual breakfast, cinnamon rolls, and opened our gifts to each other. Lucas outdid himself once again! He had picked up another Whitman's sampler for me, which means I'll be eating way too much chocolate in the new year! He also got  me a kettlebell and workout dvd (the one we have is too heavy!), a big size tervis tumbler with a pink C on it (what I have asked for all year!), a green fluffy north face vest, and a big surprise! A coach purse that is gorgeous! It is silver and gray and I love it! I had no idea he would spend so much or get me a bag this year so I was completely surprised! It was funny because I had gotten him a coach wallet. I opened the paper and saw the box and made him open his too because it was funny we both had coach boxes under the tree. He also had a little treat for me in my stocking. A hilarious shoe ornament for my collection. It is gaudy and gold and has fluff on it! He thought it was funny. I did too! I immediately put it on the tree.

After church we spent the day watching his new movie, Super 8, and putting together one of the lego star wars things he got. I got him the millenium falcon and he hasn't started it yet. I'm sure it will take a while since it has like a billion pieces! At 3 we went and saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie. I liked it, but not as much as the first one! Afterwards, we went to my parents for our traditional Christmas day deal. Nanny and Aunt Janet brought us gifts and I was ticked to receive more Spode Christmas china! Nanny gave me the same thing as Leslie, but I was able to exchange it for these two cute dop bowls that come with Christmas tree spreaders! Aunt Janet gave me Spode s&p shakers that are a gift and a tree. They are adorable. I think we finally have enough spode for now that I could do a little entertaining :) Nanny also gave me some pretty silver hoop earrings.  After gifts, we ate and ate and ate. Mom had made meatballs and cocktail weenies in addition to all the other stuff we had made and I pigged out!

Christmas was really great this year. I am thankful for all of the time that I was able to spend with the family and am more than thankful for everyone's kind and thoughtful gifts! We were definitely blessed this year!

Lucas was off Monday through Wednesday since he has to work Saturday so we were able to spend a little time together. Monday mom and I went and did some after christmas shopping early (to get bows, boxes, and paper for next year) and also went to exchange my spode china. We found some cute things for next year at Belk and I ended up getting us Tervis Tumblers with Santa on them for 5$ each! I was excited...they are too cute! I also got my gift for next year's work exchange 75% off! winning! In the afternoon all of us went to Hickory to exchange a few sizes and get a few gift cards taken care of.

Tuesday I spent most of the day working in my classroom. Lucas and I had Karate Tuesday evening and no one showed up so we came home early and had supper. We decided at the last minute to go see New Year's Eve. It was SO cute. We got there a few minutes late, but we didn't miss anything. I think our tickets were discounted because it had already started because she only charged us 12$ instead of the usual 18$!  We got there and had to sit on the front row and the WHOLE row behind us was teachers from my school! It was hilarious! I loved the movie. It was just cute!

Wednesday we had to take BOTH of our cars for oil changes and mine for inspection (gr) so we coerced mom into driving us around all day! I bought a new shelf for my classroom at Lowe's and then we headed to Mooresville to hit up Kohls and some other stores. When we got back, Lucas realized he got the wrong style of jeans so we went to Hickory to exchange them. We looked around the mall, exchanged some things at Old Navy, and then went to dinner at Olive Garden thanks to a gift card from a student. I love when parents are so thoughtful!

Now I have two days to myself with Lucas back to work. I have a few things to finish up in my class and lots to do around the house. This break has been good, but too short!
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23 November 2011 @ 09:05 am
Well...haven't felt like updating...
but I didn't pass. I failed by 15 points.

Initially I was upset, but now I am over it. Seriously. I am going to redo the social studies/art section this year and wait to redo the math/science until next year because I have a really good kindergarten idea. I redo the one section and I will find out next November how I did on it and then do the other and find out the following. It drags it out a little, but each section costs $350, which is more money than we can afford to spend and I want to really do them well and I think the other lesson that I can do in Kindergarten will be better. Chances of me getting 15 points on one of them are low, but I suppose it COULD happen. I feel confident that if I redo both I will pass eventually.

I was mostly upset about the raise I would have gotten. We really needed that so we can buy a house in the fall. Now, I'm not really sure what we're going to do, but I'm sure we'll be fine. It is often hard to remember or realize that we really have so much even though we don't have everything we want. There are a lot of people who actually need things. We have more than enough. That's why I'm totally ok with this.

I am not mentioning National Boards again until November of '13. I know everyone, incluing myself, is tired of hearing about it!